Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Reader Warning : if you don't like political, religious, or personal comments on Facebook, then don't read any further.

In light of the discussions that have come up around the Supreme Court hearing arguments about homosexual issues the last couple of days, something became clear to me.

The people who already have well defended rights are not the owners of those rights and so therefor can dispense them to others whom they deem worthy. They are not their rights to give, just because they already benefit from having them. Rights are not an exclusive club that you gain membership to because you know a member and that member will recommend you to the board.

The impression of having to ask the very people who don't think I should have those rights for permission to have those rights, to have to justify against their prejudices towards me why my right to rights supersedes their opinion of whether they think I qualify for them or not is not only insulting but degrading.

I qualify because I am human. Because those rights are my rights by birth : to define for myself who I am, what I want, what I know to be right for me, free from the opinions of others. I do not have to first prove that who I want to be is acceptable to everyone or even a majority of everyone, before I can be given the rights. I have to prove it to no one but myself (and to my maker). (and) I have the right to be wrong.

If there is a god, I will have to face him myself, alone. I was given a mind, a heart, a soul, so that I can weigh those things for myself. I believe that God doesn't make mistakes, and that he loves each of us exactly the way he created us. It is for each of us to listen deeply to ourselves, for the truth that is within us, to uncover that truth and to bring it forth to the world. Whether another human agrees or not has no relevance. I will not stand before any of you at the end. I will stand before that which made me. I am completely at peace with that even though I make HUGE mistakes. I have always strived to do what is right by myself and by others. I do not believe that I will be judged for being perfect or not, but for having done the best I could with what I was given. In the end, to discover love for myself, in the true understanding of who I really am, because true love for "other" comes after discovering love of self.

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